RDM Workshop defining roles and responsibilities at UCT

02 Feb 2017
eResearch UCT
02 Feb 2017

Research Data Management Workshop to define support roles and responsibilities at UCT

 The workshop aims to define the roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders engaged in the support of research data management at UCT. 

Given the financial constraints experienced in the higher education sector today, where financial rigour is more important than ever before, it is essential that the UCT community provide input to the development of evolving research support models that are both viable and sustainable. External pressures from funding agencies to comply with their research data management (RDM) policies create some urgency to respond appropriately; and avoidance of risk to these sources of funding is seen as a high priority. 

The workshop will provide an overview of key RDM information, including UCT policy development, compliance requirements of grant funding organisations, as well as the development of new data support systems and services. We will interrogate recent changes in scholarly communication and the impact of change on the research workflow of staff and postgraduate students. 

The objective of the workshop is to ensure a collaborative institutional service to support research data management that satisfies the requirements of a changing research environment and limits additional burden on the individual researcher as an indicator of success. 


Welcome and Introduction

(discussion, no slides)


Marilet Sienaert 



UCT data policy development 

Andre le Roux 

09:15- 09:30 

Advocacy programme for RDM policy 

Dale Peters 


Compliance with requirements of funding agencies

(discussion, no slides) 

Piet Barnard 


Changes in scholarly communication 

Gwenda Thomas 

10:00- 10:15 

Role of the eRA project 

Allan Brinckmann 





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