How to Print at UCT

  1. Visit the website
  2. Enter your UCT information and click on Submit a job.
  3. Select either black, white or Colour and then click on Print Options and Account Selection.
  4. Enter the amount of copies you want for the document that you are printing and then click Upload documents.
  5. Now you can upload the documents by clicking on Upload from Computer.
  6. Once your documents have been submitted, select Upload and Complete to send it to the printer.
  7. Go to the printer and scan your student card.
  8. Enter your printing pin - the printer will prompt you to create one if you don't have one.
  9. Once your printing account has opened, click Print Release and then choose the document you want to print and the printer will print it.

Need help at the Printers?

Speak to a library buddy inside Vincent Kolbe Knowledge Commons, Chancellor Oppenheimer Library for assistance or ask one of our friendly librarians at any of our libraries.

Printer Locations

Find a Printer on campus.

Need to print in colour?

A colour printer is situated in the Hlanganani 24/7 study area inside Chancellor Oppenheimer Library.

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