Digital Library Services is responsible for the implementation and support of a number of different university systems.

Ibali | Digital Collections UCT

What does it do?: Ibali is an online publishing tool for Showcasing Digital Collections as a website.

Ibali (isiXhosa for story) allows the UCT community to build organised websites for showcasing digital collections. UCT Libraries is implementing this university-wide system by packaging together an Omeka S  instance and a locally installed iiif  server (both Open Source). Members of the UCT community can publish websites with collections of interlinked media together with their descriptions, in partnership with DLS. While the media and its description will be made accessible via Omeka S, the existence of the iiif server will foster future scalability and discovery of media from different entry points worldwide.  

Find out more about Ibali here and visit the site at For queries contact

Izolo | Digital Preservation UCT

What does it do?: Izolo preserves digital objects, ensuring files are available to future generations.

In recognition of national and institutional imperatives around the safeguarding of digital data, UCT Libraries have implemented a Digital Preservation Strategy .  Preservation is more than a backup, as it ensures the integrity of each bit and ensures that files are interoperable in the future (read more about preservation).  

Find out more about Izolo here. For queries contact

ZivaHub | Open Data UCT

What does it do?: ZivaHub is an open data repository for the sharing and publishing of research data.


ZivaHub: Open Data UCT  was launched in 2017 as UCT’s open data repository. ZivaHub serves researchers at UCT who are in need of a repository to store and openly share the data that support their published research findings. The repository service is provided in terms of the UCT Research Data Management (RDM) Policy . It provides open access to supplementary research data files and links to their respective scholarly publications (e.g. theses, dissertations, papers et al) hosted on other platforms, such as OpenUCT . ZivaHub is listed as an official repository on re3data .

Find out more about ZivaHub or go straight to ZivaHub: Open Data UCT  to upload, share or discover data.

OSF | Research Project Dashboard

What does it do?: Open Science Framework provides an online collaborative workspace for managing research data

Together with UCT eResearch  & ICTS , Digital Library Services supports the UCT institutional instance of Open Science Framework  (OSF) as a free, open-source scholarly research data management dashboard for UCT affiliated students, staff and researchers.  OSF @ UCT provides a space for the management of research projects, sharing data across international collaborators, and publishing towards open science practices (view intro slides ). The UCT OSF facility should be used in conjunction with the institution's Research Data Management (RDM) Policy , and Open Access Policy .

Find out more about OSF or go directly to the Open Science Framework  and Sign-in by institution (University of Cape Town) with your UCT Single Sign On (instructions ).

UCT DMP | Planning for Data

What does it do?: UCT DMP is a tool to help you construct a data management plan.

Researchers are increasingly required to complete a data management plan in order to comply with organisational policies or as a precondition for publication or grant funding. To aid researchers in creating effective Data Management Plans (DMPs), DLS has worked closely with funders and universities to develop an online application running on DMPRoadmap . The tool provides detailed guidance and links to general and organisational resources and walks a researcher through the process of generating a comprehensive plan tailored to specific DMP requirements.

Learn more about UCT DMP or go directly to UCT DMP  to start your own data management plan.

ESRI Geographic Information Systems

What does it do?: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are software systems for storing, managing and analysing spatial data.

UCT Libraries manage UCT’s ESRI  software site license. This grants the university community access to the full suite of ESRI products, including ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online. DLS runs the UCT GIS Lab, a GIS support service for the entire UCT community.

Find out more about our GIS support service and software licenses. 

See detailed breakdown of our systems and services .