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UCT’s main library is the Chancellor Oppenheimer Library which forms a U-shape around Sarah Baartman Hall on the Upper Campus. If you are an undergraduate Science, Engineering, Commerce, or Humanities student, most of your learning material will be found in the main library.

History of Chancellor Oppenheimer Library

In the 1990s, funds were raised to redesign the existing Linear Library on central Upper Campus.

The Linear Library metamorphosed into a horseshoe-shaped structure embracing Sarah Baartman Hall, the omphalos of the Upper Campus, and linking the Jagger Building to its mirror-image on the north side of the Hall, the Otto Beit/Students' Union Building, where the new entrance to the University Library is now situated.

The new central complex of the University Libraries was re-named the Chancellor Oppenheimer Library, honouring its most generous benefactor, at an opening ceremony in October 2001.