ZivaHub: Open Data UCT , is an online, institutional data repository that serves as a publishing and access platform to research data and scholarly outputs. It is powered by Figshare for Institutions  and is available to all students and staff at UCT. Ziva is the Shona word for knowledge.

ZivaHub allows you to make your research data FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable). Some of the key features of the system are:

  • Get DOIs (persistent identifiers) for your research outputs
  • Increase citations and boost your research metrics
  • Comply with NRF and other funders’ requirements
  • Control how your research outputs are accessed
  • Validate and authenticate your research outputs

To get started, consult the DLS ZivaHub quick start-up guide .

For further assistance with using the ZivaHub platform, powered by Figshare for Institutions, consult the following user guides:

  1. File Types on ZivaHub (.pdf) 
  2. The ZivaHub Item Types (.pdf) 
  3. Citing Research on ZivaHub (.pdf) 
  4. ZivaHub - GitHub integration (.pdf) 
  5. Publishing code on ZivaHub (.pdf) 
  6. Publishing videos on ZivaHub (.pdf) 
  7. Getting published on ZivaHub (.pdf) 
  8. Your Data Availability Statement (.pdf) 
  9. Make your data FAIR with ZivaHub (.pdf) 
  10. Privately share your data on ZivaHub (.pdf)  
  11. Creating a great User Profile on ZivaHub (.pdf) 
  12. Open and Closed collaboration using ZivaHub (.pdf) 
  13. Publishing Options on ZivaHub (.pdf) 
  14. ZivaHub Start-up Guide  (.pdf) 

In publishing any research output on ZivaHub, you are accepting the UCT terms of data deposit .

After you upload, publish and accept the terms of deposit on ZivaHub, your dataset will go into review by a Digital Library Services curator, before being openly published on the platform. In collaboration with a designated Data Steward from your department, the DLS curator will check the metadata of the submitted item and, if appropriate, offer suggestions on how it may be improved upon for optimal citability, discoverability, integrity and reusability.

All published items on ZivaHub are preserved on UCT's Digital Preservation System Izolo.