Transitioning from the old UCT Digital Collections platform to ibali
As part of an extensive review done in 2018/2019 of existing infrastructure for showcasing Digital Collections online, UCT Libraries (through DLS, Special Collections and Discovery Services) decided to retire the Libraries’ Islandora Fedora platform, and move to ibali which runs on a locally hosted Omeka S  publishing server, in conjunction with a locally installed IIIF media server. This project is underway.

UCT Libraries Digital Collections represent a selection of material available through UCT’s archival holdings, primarily held in UCT Libraries Special Collections, but also gathered through academic field recordings, primary data collation and UCT departmental collections.

Ibali is the Digital Collections platform for building and showcasing digital cultural heritage collections at the University of Cape Town.

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Lady dressed in a yellow dress. Dotted makeup on face and neck with blue head scarve. Stands against bright blue detailed with symbols and sun over head
Works of Art Collection

The Works of Art Collection of UCT promotes a vibrant and dynamic visual arts presence by building a collection of works of art in line with the University's vision and mission.

Photo of valley with sloping hills of green grass and wild shurbs

Historical and repeat photography archive of southern African landscapes.

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UCT Collections

Browse showcases from UCT departments.


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Library Collections

Browse showcases held within the UCT Libraries.

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Curators' Corner

Browse student and researcher curated sites.

From the Library Collection

Street map drawing from Talbot collection
Talbot Maps

Explore the UCT map collection, assembled by the first professor of Geography, Professor William Talbot, covering the whole African continent, and including rare and valuable items.


Photo of an old leave pouch with orange belt containing a medicine chest


The Medicine Chest

From the Curators' Corner

The Medicine Chest is an experimentally curated website that showcases one object - a small medicine chest - and the multitude of its resonances. The site formed part of a larger doctoral research project.

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