Reference and Information support

Virtual support is available from Monday to Friday, 08h30 - 17h00.

Chancellor Oppenheimer Library

+27 21 650 3703
+27 21 650 3704
+27 21 650 3118
+27 21 650 3134

Health Sciences: +27 21 406 6138
Special Collections: +27 21 650 4089

Interlibrary Loans support

For support for electronic information not available at UCT Libraries.

Main and other Branch Libraries

Bongani Mayosi Health Sciences Library

WH Bell Music Library

Faculty online teaching support

The Principal Librarians listed below will make themselves available to support online teaching by:

  • Becoming part of the online learning faculty teams
  • Advising on open access alternatives to print only material
  • Facilitating electronic purchase of material to support T&L
  • Embedding electronic information resources in LibGuides
  • Embedding electronic information resources in Vula
  • Supporting the publication of OERs and the depositing of that in OpenUCT for wider dissemination and accessibility.
Principal Librarians

Online learning support

Consult the Student Assignment/Project Orientation Guide for more information on:

  • proper research elements and processes
  • supplementary multi-media resources to reading lists
  • subject guides
  • writing and referencing
  • research tips for assignments

Subject-specific support

For more in-depth information support.

Bolus Herbarium Library
Built Environment Library
Digital Library Services
Bongani Mayosi Health Sciences Library
Hiddingh Hall Library
Institute of Child Health Library
Brand van Zyl Law Library
WH Bell Music Library
Special Collections

Open Scholarship

UCT's open scholarship includes Open Education Resources, theses and dissertations.

OpenUCT Repository

The OpenUCT Repository has collections of UCT’s open scholarship on Open Education Resources, theses and dissertations (until December 2019), as well as other scholarly publications, such as journal articles, chapters in books, research reports and conference publications, to assist you with your research projects. More than 27 000 open access resources are freely available online and can be downloaded without incurring data costs.

Open Textbooks

A comprehensive list of over 80 million open textbooks has been compiled, consisting of subjects across the different disciplines. These free scholarly resources can be read online or downloaded to read offline, on various mobile devices.

Please email for assistance.

Digital Library Services

Digital Library Services (DLS) is committed to providing the UCT community with continued support for the full suite of research data services online.

Research Data Services

The institutional data repository service to share UCTs latest research on an international scale. We will continue our data curation service on ZivaHub as normal.
Our data management planning tool, UCT DMP, is fully functional and can be accessed outside of the University.
for collaborating on research projects is functioning normally and currently houses all of our training material for 2020 as well as our quick guides.
for online GIS training. Please contact if you require membership to the organisation.
Secure access via UCT Single Sign-On

Secure access to the ZivaHub, UCT DMP and OSF platforms is available remotely via UCT single-sign-on. You can continue to upload, edit, share and publish your research outputs while off-campus.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

DLS Virtual Training

As part of UCT Libraries’ virtual library service offering, Digital Library Services is migrating its Lunchtime Lecture presentation series online. Learn more

Research in Digital Times

Are you wanting to upskill managing data in your research project? Learn skills from creating data management plans (DMPs) through to publishing data on repositories.
Planning, Collecting & Managing Data
video | audio | slide-deck
Plan your Data Journey with a DMP
videoaudio | slide-deck
Collect and Capture your Data
video | audio | slide-deck

The Toolbox

Get a quick tour of the platforms for research supported by DLS such as UCTDMP, ZivaHub and Open Science Framework (OSF). Also, get some tips and tricks for managing your data and making your research more efficient.
Getting to know UCT DMP
Getting to know OSF

Connect with DLS

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DLS platform assistance or services:
GIS support:

Online Library Resources

About our Virtual Library Service

Our virtual library service is centred on:

  • delivery of electronic information to users
  • continued support for the full suite of research data services online
  • support for the online teaching programme
  • Sourcing, where possible, open access books and e-versions of textbooks with multiple licenses to support the online teaching
  • Facilitating access to additional information and knowledge resources that are being made available by publishers/vendors at this time

Librarians are providing learning and research support via an in-depth reference service which includes:

  • lists of electronic information sources
  • course and assignment support
  • virtual research landscape analysis services to masters and PhD students
  • reference management and literature reviews