What is Leganto?

Leganto is a simple and flexible tool to easily create, maintain, evaluate, and share course reading lists.

  • Easily assemble materials of all types to create a structured, comprehensive resource list.
  • You can build a resource list by yourself or collaborate with others, such as colleagues or librarians.
  • Leganto connects to your course site and makes it simple for students to access all of the materials you’ve selected.

Get Started

Access Leganto reading lists from Vula or Amathuba, please contact the Library to guide with the activation of this tool. You can also view Leganto Reading Lists using your UCT credentials.

Schedule a demo from your Liaison Librarian or the Leganto Team.

Leganto Reading Lists Leganto Quickstart Guide

Why use Leganto?

All Materials in One Place

Assemble materials of all types into one comprehensive reading list - easy for students to find right from your Vula course site!
  • physical books
  • online or digitized book chapters
  • scholarly articles
  • videos
  • newspaper articles
  • websites
  • and any other type of material

Easy to Create & Modify Lists

Search the library collection from Leganto, add from web content and upload your own files. Organize your list for structure & context.

Connect with Students

See where students are engaging with your choices and, if you like, enable discussions & let them suggest additional content.

Save Time in Managing Course Resources

Create your list now, then easily duplicate it next term making adjustments as you go.
  • Quickly add resources from the web, drag and drop library resources, or upload files
  • Easily add or edit resources at any point in the term
  • Flexibility to support your course, your resources, your workflows
  • Lists rollover, so you can easily reuse them in subsequent terms

Library Support & Collaboration

Build a reading list by yourself, collaborate with others or take advantage of Integrated Library Support.
  • The library can support access to course materials for students
  • Send lists to the library with a single click
  • Students can report broken links directly to the library
  • Benefit for Instructors

    With Leganto, instructors can:

    • create dynamic lists of citations from a range of sources -  print or electronic Library resources, streaming video, websites, textbooks, journals, and more
    • monitor student engagement through system analytics to understand how students are engaging with course materials, and which materials they utilise the most.
    • promote student engagement by enabling features that allows students to recommend resources and post comments
    • easily update content and reuse elements or duplicate whole lists for other courses
    • comply with applicable copyright policies
  • Benefits for Students

    With Leganto, students can:

    • find all of their course readings in one place, recommend resources, and post comments for discussion
    • access resources directly from Vula – no separate log-in credentials needed, no broken links, mobile friendly
    • have direct access to articles via the Leganto citation link.
    • save money with reading lists that greatly leverage library and campus funded materials as well as open web content

Contact us

Email the Leganto Team on lib-leganto@uct.ac.za