The UCT Open Science Framework  (UCT OSF) is a free, online platform that supports your digital research workflow. It functions as a dashboard for collaborating on managing your research data. It is built for academics and researchers who require something more fit for purpose than just cloud storage or a chatroom. On OSF, you can register your project, manage collaborators’ permissions, and centralise data that is stored in different locations. Setting up your project is free and only takes a few minutes.

Within a project space on OSF you can:

  • access unlimited storage (for 50 years);
  • easily segment your project into different components (What is a component?  );
  • connect with your existing workspaces (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, ZivaHub) - changes reflect globally;
  • add collaborators to different components and keep parts of your project private;
  • create versions of the project (‘forking’ labs);
  • add citation information;
  • (pre-)register and publish components of your project to obtain a DOI, and contribute to Open Science.

The OSF is built to integrate with a wide variety of systems and to support specifically the academic requirements of our digital workspaces.

How to get started:

  • Create an account by clicking on ‘Sign in’ on the OSF OSF home page  .
  • Select 'Login through Your Institution’.
  • Select 'University of Cape Town'.
  • Enter your SSO credentials.

Get Familiar

Read our resources on OSF  or watch a demo here . Also check out these data management practices from OSF