The Hub inside Chancellor Oppenheimer Library

Chancellor Oppenheimer Library

This library is also known as UCT's main library. Most of your learning material will be found here if you are an undergraduate Science, Engineering, Commerce, or Humanities student.
Inside main reading room of Built Environment Library

Built Environment Library

The Built Environment Library serves the School of Architecture, Planning & Geomatics and the Department of Construction Economics & Management.
Long desks with chairs inside reading room of Bolus Library

Bolus Herbarium Library

The library contains many early botanical works, including the writings of early 17th-century travellers who visited southern Africa and explored its flora. It serves academics and students from Biological Sciences and Bolus Herbarium.
Students studying inside main reading room of Law Library

Brand van Zyl Law Library

The Brand van Zyl Law Library serves the Faculty of Law and has one of the best legal collections in Africa.
Top view of the Drama Room inside Hiddingh Hall Library. Students seated at long desks with ovehead lighting.

Hiddingh Hall Library

The Hiddingh Hall Library serves the Centre for Theatre, Dance & Performing Studies and the Michaelis School of Fine Art. Located in the heart of the Hiddingh Campus, we help you make the best use of our library resources and collections.
Reading room with long tables and a PC cluster

WH Bell Music Library

WH Bell Music Library is the first completely self-contained, functionally-designed music library in Africa and serves the South African College of Music and the Centre for Theatre, Dance & Performance Studies.