We run workshops around the UCT campuses at regular intervals. The workshops combine presentations, advocacy and hands-on training with our various platforms. 


For department or faculty specific concerns we are more than happy to arrange a dedicated training sessions with your researchers. Please contact us directly.

Past Workshops

All of our past workshops can be found on our OSF Research Data Services page.

You can also check out our MS Stream feed (uct staff only). 

Online Training

We have begun developing institution sepecific online resources in digital scholarship and research data management. 

  • Research In Digital Times

    Learn skills from creating data management plans (DMPs) through to publishing data on repositories.

    Title of Presentation Description Video Audio Slides
    Planning, Collecting and Managing Data A 35 minute overview of data at the start of a research life cycle Video Audio PDF
    Collecting and Capturing 13 minutes on practices for collecting and capturing data Video Audio PDF
    Plan your Data Journey A 25 minute guide to answering some questions in a Data Management Plan  Video Audio PDF


  • The Toolbox

    Get a quick tour of the platforms for research supported by DLS such as UCTDMP, ZivaHub and Open Science Framework.

    Title of Presentation Description Video
    Getting to know UCT DMP A 4 minute tour of UCT DMP Video
    Getting to know OSF 10 minutes on how OSF can help you manage your data Video


  • GIS

    Tools for the manipulation of Spatial Data

    • ESRI Training (Most courses free to UCT MyESRI Organization Members)
    • Linkedin Learning
    • Udemy


If you have a more detailed query, you are welcome to email us directly. We will make sure to get back to you within 48 hours. Alternatively, you can se use the button below to book one of our team for a consultation at a time of your choosing:

External Sources

A vast amount of resources in digital scholarship, open science, research data management and GIS are available online. On the Digital Scholarship Training tab you will find some which we have found useful.