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Open books collections is inclusive of textbooks and monographs.

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Open Journals

The open journal collection has peer-reviewed titles & niche journals.

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About Open Access Publishing

UCT Libraries provides a library-as-publisher service which entails publishing Open Access journals, monographs, and textbooks. This service practices Diamond Open Access which allows authors to publish at no cost and ensures that African scholarly content is freely available online to all readers globally.

With open-access publishing models, authors have no mandate to sign away their copyrights. Therefore, authors retain rights related to copyright and are able to choose an open license (or a Creative Common License) to add to their work to guide users/readers on how to use their work. When authors publish open access, they will have control over the reuse of their work in teaching, future publications, and other scholarly and professional activities, whilst freely disseminating knowledge online at a global level to reach a wider audience.

Directory of Open Access Journals
An online directory that indexes over 10 000 peer-reviewed open access journals.  Journals can be searched by title, ISSN, broad subject area or keywords, with more than 60 percent of their records searchable at article level. This Directory has journals from all disciplines and all languages and aims to be a one-stop shop for access to scholarly open access journals.