What does the NRF require from the UCT grant holder in terms of articles published as per the grant requirement?

From 1 March 2015, the NRF mandates that the grant holder make the articles available, in full text, accessible via an institutional repository (at UCT, the repository is OpenUCT). The NRF stipulates that the research data is preserved by the grant holder’s institution.

What do I do when the publisher’s embargo period is different to that of the funder’s embargo?

If there is no agreement with the publisher on the embargo period then the publishers prescribed embargo period applies. Authors are urged to negotiate with the publisher via an ‘author addendum to publication agreement’ granting the publisher distribution rights.  In this way, the author retains copyright and gives the publisher rights to distribute the article. You make seek assistance from the Libraries in this regard.

Can I submit my datasets to OpenUCT?

UCT Libraries will offer services and information relating to data management planning. If you have a dataset you would like (or if it is a funders’ requirement) to archive and/or make available to the public, please contact UCT Libraries and we’ll work together to determine the best way to do that.

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