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Rescued from the Flames: Special Collections' hidden gem

The African Studies Library pamphlet collection is regarded as one of UCT Libraries' greatest treasures. After surviving the Jagger Library fire, the complete collection was recently digitised for posterity and made discoverable.

Crate by Crate: Making Progress Visible in AV Recovery

The AV Archive used to live in the basement of the Jagger Library and was one of the first areas to be salvaged following the fire. A decision was made to expedite the recovery of the AVA through a digitisation project.

Human Rights in the AV Archive

The urgency to restore the AV collections in UCT Libraries Special Collections is underscored by their critical role in documenting the history of struggle, and transition to, human rights and democracy in South Africa.

Exploring architectural archives in recovery

Promoting public awareness of our rich architectural legacy at the University of Cape Town. The collections include the professional papers and project plans of 20th-century Cape Town architects.