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A F Pressclips

  • (Washington: US Dept of State, Bureau of African Affairs)
  • Dates: 1987-1990
  • Newspapers: United States
  • Description: Africa in United States newspapers.
  • Chronological arrangement
  • Location: BAJ 079.6805 AF

AIA’s Southern African Chronicle
Africa Information Afrique, Harare “an independent newswire service”

  • Dates: 1995-1999
  • Newspapers: Newswire service
  • Description: Southern African news.
  • Chronological arrangement
  • Location: BAJ 079.6805 AIA

ANC News Briefing

  • Dates: 1980-1990 (incomplete 1978-79), weekly
  • Newspapers: South African, British, some radio
  • Description: Liberation struggle activities, ANC, political, labour, etc.
  • Chronological arrangement
  • Location: BA 322.405 ANC

Eastern Cape Press Clippings
Eastern Cape News Agencies

  • Dates: 1989-1993
  • Newspapers: Eastern Cape
  • Description: Topics–general.
  • Within chronological arrangement, by Border, Ciskei, Eastern Cape, Transkei
  • Location: In Immelman basement

Facts and Reports: International Press Cuttings on Southern Africa
Holland Committee on Southern Africa

  • Dates: 1980-1995, 2 per month
  • Newspapers: British, French, South African, Southern African news agencies, radio reports
  • Description: Southern Africa–politics, economics, some arts.
  • Chronological arrangement
  • Location: BAJ 079.6805 FAC

Focus on Negotiation: Pressclips on the South African Negotiations Process
Johannesburg: Regional Research and Report Corporation

  • Dates: 1990-1995, monthly
  • Newspapers: Gauteng and national
  • Description: South African politics.
  • Chronological arrangement
  • Location: BA 320.96805 FOC; BA 079.6905 FOC

Lesotho Clippings

  • Dates: 1965-1988
  • Location: BA 079.687105 LES

A Semana na Africa
Rio de Janeiro: Centro de Estudos Afro-Asiaticos

  • Dates: 1991-1993, weekly
  • Newspapers: Portuguese, Brazilian, international
  • Description: Portuguese-speaking African countries and Southern Africa
  • Location: uncatalogued

South African Pressclips

  • Dates: 1981-1992, weekly
  • Newspapers: South African
  • Description: South Africa–general.
  • Chronological arrangement
  • Location: BAJ 079.6805 SOU

Stop Press: the British Press on South Africa

  • Dates: 1988-1994, monthly
  • Newspapers: British
  • Description: South and Southern Africa with some coverage of the rest of Africa.
  • Chronological arrangement
  • Location: BAJ 079.6805 ST