Remembering Alex D'Angelo

06 Dec 2022 | By Ujala Satgoor
Alex D'Angelo leaned over as he examines a book in the libraries
06 Dec 2022 | By Ujala Satgoor

Dear All

It is with deep sorrow and sadness I inform you of the unexpected death on Wednesday (30 Nov) of our colleague and friend Alex D’Angelo, Principal Librarian: Humanities, which includes the WH Bell Music, Hiddingh Hall Libraries and the Department of Knowledge and Information Stewardship.

Alex joined UCTL in 1996 after having completed his Masters degree and the PGDipLIS (the library and information science qualification) and worked through the ranks from student assistant to Principal Librarian: Humanities. He was a consummate and scholarly professional librarian, who immersed himself in his knowledge base. Through his creative expression and unorthodox interpretation of his role, he captured the minds of students and served as an example of "how to do things differently" to new professionals. He treated every request as a personal quest and reveled in exceeding the expectations of his users. Prof Fiona Ross, who called him Sir Alex, describes him as "a master of the wonderful world of a library; responsive to it, respectful of it, immersed in it and loyal to its promise."

Alex touched many during his time at UCTL and will be remembered as a respected colleague, manager, mentor and a friend. Despite his many challenges and pressures, Alex remained true to himself - a gentle soulful man of integrity!

Ujala Satgoor
Executive Director

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